The 10 best games to relax on Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series: Many people love challenging games or at least titles in which you can feel accomplishment. Sometimes, though, you’re just not in the mood for it. This can be for different reasons, but in these cases, you need a game that you can simply relax.

10 most relaxing exploration games

These games are great when you want to relax and de-stress.  Xbox, like all other platforms, has a lot. What qualifies as relaxing is a game you can play with little or no stress or tension involved in the experience. These games could be played in other non-relaxing ways, but as long as there is a meaningful way to play relaxed, then it will count.

1. The processes – The perfect warm-up game

    One series that you can discover every now and then, play for 30 minutes, and have a blast is Trials. Four of the core installations are on Xbox, and if you need a game to play while you wait for something to install, Trials is it.

    For an experienced player, sometimes after a long break you can get a PB in your first attempt at a track again. Once you get familiar with it, the guidelines will always come back to you. It’s a great relaxing warm-up game to play in short bursts. That is, as long as you don’t try the harder tracks.

    2. Doodle God

    The beginning of Doodle God with the starting elements

    Mobile games are usually relaxing as this is the type of experience I prefer most in travel. Doodle God was a great early mobile game back in the day and was so successful that it made it to console platforms. The heart of Doodle God is simply combining elements to make new ones until you get them all.

    The fluidity of the controls isn’t as great as on the phone, but it’s still pretty decent with the two analog sticks. Some people may not prefer this style of game on their big screen TV, but if you don’t mind, this is a great game to relax on.

    3. Peggle

    Both Peggle games are amazing relaxing titles that require more thought than dexterity. With your supply of balls, you must hit every peg on the screen, and then you will advance. Most of the time, you are just watching where the ball goes, similar to Plinko from The price is right.

    It’s a lot of fun and has a decent length for a puzzle game like this. The only part that wasn’t relaxing was playing Peggle 2 with the Kinect. Now, it was a frustrating effort, but the Series X | S can’t even use that device, so you’re in the clear.

    4. Mass Effect Trilogy

    One of the greatest stories in the medium. Mass effect it’s an interesting case because it’s relaxing if you play a certain way. Of course, if you play on Hard, you get a more stressful experience, but that’s not what makes it relaxing. The entire trilogy contains one of the greatest video game stories ever, and it’s a great time if you want to. just play on Easy and take the story.

    Playing like this is similar to reading a good book, and this is always a relaxing time. It’s not just one good book, but three great ones. It is a fantastic, relaxed and relaxing experience that is also refreshing for hardcore gamers.

    5. Firewatch

    A game so good, the developer was bought by Valve.

    A story-driven adventure title, Firewatch takes place in large areas. After an impressive opening, you are a literal fire keeper and have free rein to go anywhere you want. Several areas are closed, however, until later in the game when you have acquired more tools.

    With no way to die, an engaging story, and a chill outdoors environment, it’s a very relaxing experience. Like how true is the cross out. Firewatch was so acclaimed that Valve acquired developer Campo Santo, and several members of his team ended up working on it. Half-Life: Alyx.

    6. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

    Originally a Half-Life 2 mod, The Parable of Stanley is another narrative adventure title. Unlike Firewatch, Stanley it’s more comic focused and has a path of alternate endings and paths that will keep you playing.

    The game is decently entertaining in the first half, but once you get into the Ultra Deluxe content, the laughs really take off. The Bucket is quite funny with how the narrator describes it. You can die in Stanley, but those are simply more alternate endings to get, and overall, Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is another relaxed and cool experience.

    7 Minecraft

    A green and grassy field during the day with mountains in the distance in Minecraft.

    You can argue Minecraft it is a very stressful game, but it also depends on the game mode. If you play in Creative mode, you can’t be hurt at all, and you can simply build to your heart’s content. It is incredibly relaxing as well, and so you can use this for other means.

    If you play Minecraft VR, it’s so relaxing that it works as a legitimately excellent sleep aid for many. It’s a testament to the relaxing nature of the game, even if you’re not playing in VR.

    8 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy, Phoenix Wright Raises an Objection In the First Turnabout

    The franchise mainly consists of visual novel games, which is funny looking back because no one called them that when they first released on the DS. The first three installments are the best of the series, and have been remastered on most modern platforms, including Xbox.

    9. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

    SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom - SpongeBob runs across a field of grass

    Remasters of sixth generation licensed games are rare, but one of the few is SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated. He was one of the only ones good licensed games for kids in that era and a pretty decent platformer.

    Certainly better than the PS2 era Crash Bandicoot games, that’s for sure. It’s also a very easy platformer, and because of that, it’s a pretty relaxing game to play through. That’s what an easy game will often feel like, after all. Just don’t think that the game will be as amazing as you remember, because that will lead to disappointment.

    10. Shenmue

    Shenmue 1 It doesn’t necessarily hold up today, but it was innovative and incredibly changing for the time. A core reason for this was how free it was. You have goals, but total freedom in where to go, who to talk to and what you can interact with. You should engage in this optional content because, at many points, you will have to wait.

    This could be for stores to open or some events to start. You can either wait outside the place or go adventure out and explore. For 80 percent of this game, it’s a pretty relaxing experience, and it’s not until the final moments that the action really picks up. Shenmue 2 is much more action-packed, and because of that, it’s not as relaxing as the first one.

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