Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: MLBB Overdrive Mode is making a limited-time return

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: The exciting and fast-paced Overdrive mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has made a return to the game for one day only.

Overdrive mode, as the name suggests, puts MLBB in “Overdrive” which offers players the opportunity to enjoy the competitive MOBA with more abilities and without worrying about mana and energy.

MLBB Overdrive Mode

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MLBB Overdrive Mode: You can now play in MLBB

For the uninitiated, the mode is unique and fun to play for the following three reasons:

  • Ultra-low ability cooldowns
  • Infinite hand
  • Infinite energy

Thus, the Overdrive mode, which takes place on the classic 5v5 map, offers a much faster and more exciting MOBA action. The way is similar to a classic or ranked game in which you must take out the enemy turrets and destroy their base to win.

Additionally, players will get more attack speed and movement speed in Overdrive mode as well. If you’re excited to test your favorite heroes with these buffs, there’s a catch. At the beginning of the match, you will be given the choice between two random heroes to choose from.

Given the buffs to abilities in the mode, it is always recommended to choose an ability-focused hero. This will allow you to make good use of low-capacity cooldowns and infinite mana plus energy.

The Overdrive Mode in MLBB is a limited-time mode and is only available on December 23rd.

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