Gray Zone War: Madfinger Games is about to launch its first PC game

Gray Zone War: A Mobile Game company is going to launch its first PC Game called Gray Zonw War.

Theo Neo win Madfinger Games stubborn (M photo arrangement – Mature).

The studio is best known for such games as Dead Trigger, What is the theme of zombies? Shadowgun It’s about science fiction.

Recently, Madfinger Games announced that they are developing the first game exclusively for the PC platform with their name Gray Zone War. The new game is not based on telecommunication science fiction or zombies but on the current FPS system.

Gray Zone War
Gray Zone War

That’s why Unreal Engine is a private military company. It’s hot now, and all the people are from a hidden event. The team will return to this island to find out what’s going on and collect what’s worth it. According to Madfinger, the National Assembly in the game is 42 km square and is determined to be “the next generation” – there is a lot of play and a lot of fun.

Madfinger knows Gray Zone War It will have the ability to customize the weapon, including allowing the player to create their own guns to choose from. The game will also support real-time bomb simulation technology, to bring back the scene of the scene.

The game can now be added to the wish list on Steam and is expected to be released around 2024. Gray Zone War.

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