Controls Of Copter Royale Games Unblocked

Controls of Copter Royale Games

The Copter Royale game is an easy and timely game and the Controls of Copter Royale are also very easy. Copter Royale game is an unblocked game that can be played by school kids and employees even in the office.

Without knowing the Control of the Copter Royale Game it is a bit complicated to play the game. I will explain in a simple way how it can be played using simple controls using keyboards and a mouse. 

The Copter Royale game is an exciting game that gives you a fun and creative challenge for players to fly their helicopter through a series of obstacles while avoiding enemy helicopter fire attacks. The Copter Royale game is simple to play, and the controls are handy and easy to learn. 

Controls of Copter Royale

Here are the Controls of Copter Royale:

  • Use the Spacebar or Up Arrow key to make the helicopter move up.
  • Use the down arrow(⬇️) to make the helicopter move down.
  • Use the left arrow(⬅️) to move the helicopter left.
  • Use the right arrow(➡️) to move the helicopter right.
  • Use the mouse to target and shoot at enemy helicopters.
  • Use the Q key to switch weapons.
  • Use the E key to drop a bomb.
  • Use the R key to activate a shield.
  • Use the F key to activate a speed boost.

Remember to be cautious and strategic when playing Copter Royale, as the game becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the levels. As the level goes up the new features will open for you. 

Technical Details of Copter Royale Game

Copter Royale Game is an unblocked game where you play with helicopters and avoid enemy helicopter attacks. Let’s know about its technical details.

Copter Royale game was developed by ‘’Exodragon Games’’ and released in December 2020. The Copter Royale game is made with ‘’HTML5’’ technology and it is supported on mobile devices, desktop, and tablet devices. 

Download Copter Royale Games

You can download Copter Royale Games from the Google play store for Android users and App Store if you are an iOS user. You can also play Copter Royale online using some unblocked websites. 


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Q: Is Copter Royale Games an unblocked game?

A: Yes, Copter Royale Games is an unblocked game

Q: Is Copter Royale Games an 8-bit game?

A: Yes

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